Trailer Hitch

Dofasco TUBULAR PRODUCTS is a fully integrated steel tube fabricator specializing in high strength, low alloy steels for automotive structural components. Our tubular engineering design and production experience includes the following assemblies: axles, driveshafts / propshafts, suspension structures, engine cradles, crossmembers, side impact protection structures, instrument panels and trailer hitches. MultiWall T3 is our variable wall thickness tube technology producing benefits such as: mass savings, NVH optimization, enhanced energy management, component and weld reduction and improvements in dimensional capabilities.

Trailer Hitch Assembly
The Improvement
Developed multiple versions of a one-piece trailer hitch assembly to replace the current trailer hitch designs consisting of multiple stampings and additional welding.

The Benefits

  • Mass savings range from 11.8-28.6% depending on version.
  • Cost savings range from $0.40-$6.49 per piece.

One Piece Receiver Tube
The Improvement
Patented cold formed welded tube design to replace the current two piece ring welded to steel tube.

The Benefits

  • 20-40% cost savings.
  • 5% mass savings.
  • Reduced production-tooling costs.
  • No assembly welding required.
  • Improved part cosmetics.
  • Better corrosion resistance.