Supplier Metrics

ArcelorMittal Woodstock monitors our supplier's performance on a monthly basis. Supplier performance reports differ by commodity and capture the following indicators:

  • Delivered product quality
  • Customer disruptions including field returns
  • Delivery schedule performance including incidents of premium freight
  • Special status customer notifications related to quality or delivery issues
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Supplier communications with ArcelorMittal Woodstock
  • Supplier compliance with ArcelorMittal Woodstock's Customs/Security Initiatives
  • Upon completion of a full year of supplying ArcelorMittal Woodstock suppliers may be eligible to receive a ArcelorMittal Woodstock Supplier Performance Award. These awards are presented by ArcelorMittal Woodstock to show our appreciation to all suppliers who have achieved a 100% average monthly performance rating for the previous year. The details on how to qualify for an award are outlined in ArcelorMittal Woodstock's Supplier Requirements Manual and our Materials Delivery Requirements Manual.