Dofasco TUBULAR PRODUCTS is a fully integrated steel tube fabricator specializing in high strength, low alloy steels for automotive structural components. Our tubular engineering design and production experience includes the following assemblies: axles, driveshafts / propshafts, suspension structures, engine cradles, crossmembers, side impact protection structures, instrument panels and trailer hitches. MultiWall T3 is our variable wall thickness tube technology producing benefits such as: mass savings, NVH optimization, enhanced energy management, component and weld reduction and improvements in dimensional capabilities.

Rad Support
The Improvement
Developed an all steel design to replace a baseline aluminum design.

The Benefits

  • Identified $10/part cost savings.
  • Achieved all mass and performance targets.
  • Eliminated the use of hydroforming thus reducing manufacturing costs.
  • Overall weld length reduced by half.
  • Number of components reduced by 14%.

    Transmission Support
    The Improvement
    Design steel tubular component to replace stamped component.

    The Benefits

  • Accomplished significant cost savings in the range of 20-30%.
  • Achieved mass savings in the range of 10-15%.
  • Survived numerous attempts for re-design to composite and aluminum based components because of extremely cost effective product.