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ArcelorMittal Shelby manufactures precision welded and seamless tubular products. This location manufactures all of the principal types of mechanical steel tubing - seamless, drawn-over-mandrel (DOM) and as-welded - as well as TuffDOM tubing for demanding applications. Most of these products are produced by the electric resistance welding (ERW) process in an extensive range of sizes and wall thicknesses. Rotary piercing of solid round billets produces the seamless product.

1-Our DOM tubing is available in one of the most extensive size ranges in the world. DOM tubing is manufactured in diameters from 20.65 mm (0.813") to 304.8 mm (12.000") and wall thicknesses from 1.65 mm (0.065") to 15.88 mm (0.650"). Primary markets for this product are the automotive, industrial and construction equipment industries, as well as steel service centers.

2- Seamless tubing is furnished in both hot-rolled and cold-drawn form in sizes from 34.93 mm (1.375") to 196.85 mm (7.7750") OD and 4.75 mm (0.187") to 43.26 mm (1.703") wall thickness. Markets include the automotive and other OEM industries and service centers.

3- As-welded tubing is produced in sizes from 50.8 mm (2.000") to 317.5 mm (12.500") diameter and 2.11 mm (0.083") to 17.4 mm (0.685") wall thickness. It is sold to OEM markets such as automotive, construction equipment, office furniture, recreation equipment and service centers.


sample image to be replaced We also produce TuffDOM tubing, which is a cold-drawn, stress-relieved product with ideal mechanical properties for fluid power and other demanding applications requiring high yield strength and fracture and notch toughness. It is supplied in two distinct strength levels. Shelby is capable of special shapes and special grades on an individual inquiry basis. HSLA (high-strength, low-alloy) and ALDOM are specific groups of steels with chemical compositions specifically developed to import higher mechanical properties than those obtained in standard carbon steel grades.

Our facility also offers several value-added services to its mechanical tubing customers. The first service is cut-to-length capabilities that can produce your desired finished length. ArcelorMittal Shelby offers quench and temper heat treatment for specialized mechanical tubing products. This tubing is used in oil drilling and production, automotive, industrial, and agricultural and construction equipment and other applications. Finally, our honed tubing should be specified when a cylinder application requires a higher degree of inside surface smoothness or closer dimensional tolerances than the normal standards for Commercial Quality.

The Shelby manufacturing facility is certified as meeting ISO 9002 quality standards, as well as the auto industry's demanding TS 16949:2002 certification. We have obtained the Chrysler Quality Excellence, Ford Q1, and General Motors Targets for Excellence awards. To further assure a quality product our standard non-destructive electronic testing procedures are in complete compliance with the guidelines set by ASTM.

It is these features and services that allow us to continually strive to be your supplier of choice with the highest manufacturing, service and performance standards. Our highly efficient customer service organization operates for the convenience of mechanical tubing customers.


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