Dofasco TUBULAR PRODUCTS is a fully integrated steel tube fabricator specializing in high strength, low alloy steels for automotive structural components. Our tubular engineering design and production experience includes the following assemblies: axles, driveshafts / propshafts, suspension structures, engine cradles, crossmembers, side impact protection structures, instrument panels and trailer hitches. MultiWall T3 is our variable wall thickness tube technology producing benefits such as: mass savings, NVH optimization, enhanced energy management, component and weld reduction and improvements in dimensional capabilities.

A number of our facilities have onsite, fully equipped research and development capability while the remaining have access to our network of research and engineering resources, including access to the Global ArcelorMittal Research & Development group.  Solutions are optimized according to steel design and efforts can be assigned to steel grade development.  Access to these resources helps provide short lead time product development initiatives as well as the potential to support our customers' prototype requirements.
Our knowledge of the entire process in combination with state-of-the-art design capabilities allows Tubular Products to actively participate in customer prototype and production programs at the earliest stages of product design.
Innovations include:
    *      MultiWall T3™ Tunable Tube Technology
    *      Incorporated Hydrobending and Hydropiercing into processes
    *      One-Piece Receiver Tube
    *      The use of Structural Foam in production parts
    *      In dye bending with unique materials