Precision Tubing

Precision tubular solutions are designed with the most suitable high quality steel grade for each application.  The tubes demonstrate repeatable behavior for the forming process due to a very strict selection of our raw material and raw material suppliers.   These products are produced to a variety of tubular specifications including ASTM, DIN, JIS and Customer Specific.

-Electric-Resistance Welded, Drawn Over Mandrel & Seamless Tubing
-Low Carbon, HSLA & AHSS
-Coated & Uncoated Finishes
-Rounds, Rectangles & Specialized Shapes
-O.D Size Ranges from 10mm to 203.2mm
-Gauge Size Ranges from .81mm to 11.68mm
-Full Range of Cutting & Finishing Capabilities

We manufacture precision tubing at facilities located in 

Brampton, Canada
Chevillion, France
Hamilton, Canada
Hautmont, France
Marion, United States of America
Monterrey, Mexico