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We know that our position in the steel industry brings unique responsibilities. We are committed to setting globally recognised standards with the needs of future generations in mind.

Our goal is to provide the leadership that will transform tomorrow’s steel tubes industry. We have a clear vision of the future, underpinned by a consistent set of values: sustainability, quality and leadership. Sustained by these we expect to meet your global needs.


We are guiding the evolution of steel tubes to secure the best future for the industry and for generations to come. Our commitment to the world around us extends beyond the bottom line, to include the people in whom we invest, the communities we support and the world in which we operate. This longterm approach is central to our business philosophy.


ArcelorMittal’s Tubular Products Division holds approvals, certificates and licences from major national and international official authorities, customers and third party organizations. By working closely with our customers, we ensure that our pipes and tubes meet all customer specific requirements. Sharing best practice and technical expertise across our business enables us to be on top of the latest market developments and offer competitive solutions to our customers.


We are visionary thinkers, creating opportunities every day. This entrepreneurial spirit brought us to the forefront of the steel pipes and tubes industry. We are concentrating on doing what we do best: combining the strengths of our plants around the world and leveraging our presence in individual markets, creating new opportunities worldwide and expanding our product base to fulfill our customers’ demands. In this way the Tubular Products Division of ArcelorMittal has rapidly established itself as a major player in the industry. Together we are creating a truly modern, efficient and technologically advanced pipes and tubes business.

Thanks to the worldwide commitment of our people, integrated network of production sites and research & development centers, ArcelorMittal’s Tubular Products Division satisfies the needs of its clients efficiently providing high quality, high performance products in increasingly complex operating environments