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ArcelorMittal Marion manufactures precision welded tubular products in a variety of steel grades to meet and exceed customer requirements. As-welded tubing is offered hot-rolled pickle-and-oiled and cold-rolled. It can be normalized for improved formability.

At Marion, we produce round as-welded mechanical tubing with outside diameters ranging from 25.4 mm (1.000") to 152.4 mm (6.000") and wall thicknesses from 1.65 mm (0.065") to 7.95 mm (.313"). Primary markets for this product are demanding hydro formed and other high-value added automotive applications such as propshafts and axles, boiler tube applications, conveyor rolls, as well as steel service centers.


sample image to be replaced Our as-welded mechanical product is produced from carbon steel manufactured to ASTM specification A513, as well as ASTM/ASME, A/SA 178 and A/SA 214. Carbon steel is cost-effective and provides low to moderate strength and moderate to excellent formability. It also offers generally excellent fabricating qualities such as welding or bending. Typical AISI grades employed include 1006 to 1035. Also available are high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) grades, which offer a distinct advantage in strength/weight ratio that can result in reduced section weight and possible lower overall unit costs. Micro alloyed products include: 10B21, 15B21 and ST52.3 or E355.

Marion's as-welded mechanical tubing has excellent surface quality. The facility has some of the most extensive tube cutting capabilities in the industry. Our full size range can be cut to length with tolerances as close as +/-.030" with chamfering and wire brush deburring of OD and ID surfaces available. Normalizing furnaces utilizing an exothermic gas atmosphere, protect the tubing from oxidation and scaling, is used to heat-treat product specified for severe fabrication applications. Stress relieve annealing is also available.

Additional capabilities incorporated as manufacturing cells include: Swaging, NVH damper insertion, Dry film lube application, Off line full body NDT, RP booth, and Rotary straightening.

Statistical process and quality control techniques are used to maintain superior quality through every step of the manufacturing process. All tubing is subjected to visual, dimensional inspection, destructive testing and non-destructive testing during production. All tubing is NDE tested on the tube mill by UT or Eddy Current. Combined with our Thermasure weld monitor provides a direct continuous feedback loop.

The Marion facility is certified as meeting ISO 9001 quality standards, as well as the auto industry's demanding TS 16949 certification.
Our highly efficient customer service organization operates for the convenience of mechanical tubing customers to be their supplier of choice.