Engine Cradle

The Improvement

Tubular Products was the main participant in the feasibility study of steel cradle for a major North American OEM. Hydroformed MultiWall T3™ technology offers mass and performance solutions.

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The Benefits 

1. Met all SSTS requirements and reduce operation costs with respect to the substitute aluminum cradle.

2.Cost savings of 32% relative to the aluminum cradle.


Engine Cradle Case

Rear Suspension Structure

The Improvement

ArcelorMittal Tubular Products benchmarked the current stamped structure in conjunction with the customer. Through the utilization of tubular design solutions, we were able to confirm piece price cost, mass and performance benefits, resulting in Production Source Confirmation.


The Benefits 

1. The ArcelorMittal Tubular Products design has resulted in significant performance improvements relative to durability (life cycle test) and weld integrity (cracking).

2. Cost savings in excess of $1,750,000 annually.

3. Mass savings in excess of 3 kg per part.