Tubular Products Energy operates pipe and tube making facilities on four continents: Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. With capacity from Kazakhstan to Canada and from Poland to South Africa, we are able to meet your needs around the world.

Having built up a strategic position in the market, we are now concentrating on doing what we do best transforming our pipe and tube production facilities into a single, focused, global business, leveraging our presence in the individual markets, creating new opportunities worldwide and expanding our product base to fulfill our customers’ demands.

As our business expands around the world, we are increasingly adding technocommercial pipes & tube specialists to our growing network of sales offices in Europe.

In addition we have dedicated pipes & tubes representative offices in the key regions of the Gulf of Mexico (Houston) and the Middle East (Dubai), providing local technical services and logistical expertise.

Customer focus

Our customers choose us because of global spread and wide range of products. A team of experts is at our customers' disposal through our network of sales offices. We aim to deliver comprehensive pipe solutions, meeting the specific and detailed needs of customers' projects. Our people also recognize the value of flexibility and good working relationships as important features in our business.

Wide product range

The tubular products division produces a broad assortment of pipes and tubes to meet the highest of standards, for 'down hole' as well as 'upstream' requirements. The product grades are engineered to withstand specific, sometimes extreme, operating conditions (e.g. corrosion, temperature or pressure). Depending upon what is required, we offer an extensive range of seamless and welded pipes using a variety of testing methods, including hydrostatic pressure, ultrasonic and electromagnetic or Eddy current testing.