ArcelorMittal is a fully integrated steel tube fabricator specializing in high strength, low alloy steels for automotive structural components. Our tubular engineering design and production experience includes the following assemblies: axles, driveshafts / propshafts, suspension structures, engine cradles, crossmembers, side impact protection structures, instrument panels and trailer hitches. MultiWall T3 is our variable wall thickness tube technology producing benefits such as: mass savings, NVH optimization, enhanced energy management, component and weld reduction and improvements in dimensional capabilities.

Utilizing inventive engineering to create tubular solutions.

Setting the industry standard through innovation, design and product development while demonstrating the capability to meet quality and volume requirements.

Incorporating Tubular Products in the early development stages of a project can result in the following: 

*Increased flexibility and speed
*High rate of innovation and access to new technologies 
*Identification of problems in the early stages of development